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LiveJournal for bedlam rats.

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Friday, October 22nd, 2004

Subject:Angel Juan Perez (December ?, 2001 - October 22, 2004)
Time:12:07 pm.
Mood: crushed.
Angel Juan Perez (Bedlam Rats, BRAC Rattery) passed October 22 in the wee hours of the morning of age and what his humans believe was a severe mycoplasma flare up.

He is survived by his Humans: Momma1 and Momma2 and DaddyTeeb; and by his brother Raphael Chong JahLove (Bedlam Rats) as well as by Wynter Chaos and Talyn Grae (the BonnieGoths), Ein and Jetto (the BeBops) and Ophelia; also by cats who loved to watch him and who will miss him greatly: Samantha, Mittens, WitchBaby Wigg Bat, Cherokee Bat, India, Egypt and the newest kittens. He will also be missed by the Hammie girl (Tweetie Sweet Pea).

He was preceeded in death by: Eddo (a BeBop) and Persia (the kitten).

He will be greatly missed by all for his boggling and his stealing of all treats. Also for his sweetness.

Services will be privately held today, and any thoughts can go directly to his Mommas at bedlamrats@yahoo.com
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Monday, October 11th, 2004

Subject:BRAC Rattery Raffle
Time:2:11 am.
Mood: cheerful.
BRAC Rattery is having a Raffle!

BRAC, a new rattery in Columbia, MO is having a raffle to deflect the cost of tumor removal on our own beloved Angel Juan.

Single Raffle tickets cost $1 each
$5 gets you 6 tickets
$10 gets you 13 tickets
$20 gets you 30 tickets

If you have Paypal, you can send your money to our paypal email:
bedlamrats@yahoo.com. Your confirmation will come through as being from "Unhinged Designs" (our side business).

Money orders for raffle tickets can be sent to:
Kelly Osborn/BRAC Rattery
160 Southampton Dr
Columbia, MO 65203

There is NO LIMIT to the number of tickets you can buy!

Raffle runs from today (October 11) until November 15. We will announce winners on November 20 (to accomodate mail-in payments).

And now the part everyone really wonders about... Prizes!

We will pick two winning tickets and the winners will receive a rattie gift basket worth over $50!

Included are the winner's choice of:
1 fleece hammock in your choice of sizes (8x8, 10x10, 12x12 or custom size) OR 1 fleece round-the-neck rattie carrier
2 dozen sugarless cookies OR Pumpkin Oatmeal cookies OR Low Fat Peanut Butter cookies (all rat treats that even the humans can enjoy! Feel free to ask for our recipes.)
8 rattie pinatas
2 Fluffy Felt Fat Rats in your choice of colors (Fluffy Felt Rats are 5-6 inches long)
1 pound of our special rat mix
other special gifts for your ratties and you!

Thank you for your time and interest!

~Kelly Osborn
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Tuesday, August 31st, 2004

Subject:Cute! (To get yours, use the adoption certificate)
Time:4:20 am.
Mood: cheerful.
Our Newest Baby (Girl) Ophelia

Bedlam Rats: Raph Angel Juan

BonnieGoths: Wynter Talyn

BeBops: Jet Black (Jetto) Einstein (Einner)

Tweetie Sweet Pea

(Go to Fun, then Cyber)
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Sunday, August 29th, 2004

Subject:New Baby
Time:7:37 pm.
We got a little girl... FINALLY! Her name is Ophelia (see the picture!)

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Friday, August 20th, 2004

Subject:Rattie pictures. :)
Time:3:20 am.
Mood: amused.
Pictures of Jet and Ein (and one of Wynter, just for fun)

Read more...Collapse )
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Tuesday, June 8th, 2004

Subject:Very sad rattie mommas
Time:10:46 pm.
Mood: sad.
Our baby boy, Sir Edmund (Eddo to his friends) died today. He's our first to go to the bridge.

We only had him for 4 days. We bought him from a horrible pet store in town, who we had turned in just yesterday for the gross neglect we witnessed there...

We don't know what killed him, he was just laying in the corner of his cage, eyes open and not moving. Being used to ratties playing sleep I shook the cage lightly and started to worry when he didn't blink or move.

I called in Kim, who verified what I was feeling...

He was still warm, so he couldn't have been gone long.

For only having him four days, he sure made a big impact on our hearts.

We shall miss you, Radical Ed. We are glad you spent your last days with us.

See ya, Space Cowboy.
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Sunday, April 25th, 2004

Subject:Mooooooomm... WHY?
Time:10:17 pm.
The Mommas went into PetCo tonight. They claim that petco had the sweetest (BLECH) black hooded ratties. So, they got them. Momma Kyla didn't want to get more ratties (THANK YOU, Momma Kyla), but Momma Nori was all pouty and sad about them living in PetCo forever...so Momma Kyla submitted (Way to keep strong, Momma Kyla /sarcasm ). Supposedly the new ratties had been there a really long time.

We aren't sure what they are going to call them yet, but we sure are not excited about this... yet

The Bedlam Rats:
<:3 )3~~~ Raphael Chong JahLove and <:3 )3~~~ Angel Juan Perez (Oh, and look what they are calling them... of course!) The BonnieGoth Rats: <:3 )3~~~ unnamed 1 (Possibly Disdain Absinthe Dracos or Chaos Hybrid Array) and <:3 )3~~~ unnamed 2 (Possibly Wynter Obsidian Wilde or Talyn Grae Malice)
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Monday, April 19th, 2004

Time:9:42 am.
Mood: blah.
Why is it the mothers INSIST upon having sex when we are sleeping?

Of course, we just get them back by having sex and fighting while THEY are sleeping...

Ah, the life of a rat!

<:3 )~~~ Angel Juan
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Saturday, April 17th, 2004

Time:2:34 am.
Mood: happy.
Momma gave us slices of apples with peanut butter today. She changed our cage liner (we like our towels much more than we thought we would!) and even started a new "project" for us. She is making us a bunch of tubes for running in, almost like a maze!

She is using mailing tubes, which she says she got FREE from the US postal service. She helped me link directly to the page to get free postage stuffs.

The momma who was sick is much better now. We got to play with her some and she meowed at us. She is silly like that. We knew it was her.

Angel got to stay out much longer than I did, because I am a scaredy rat. That is what momma says.

And because I leave lots of rasins.

I love my mommas.

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Tuesday, April 13th, 2004

Subject:Busy night...
Time:4:22 am.
Mood: energetic.
The mommas have come and gone a few times... Momma1 (K) is sick, I think. She keeps moaning, and not in a good way. Momma2 (N) is sitting up and worrying. She has a frown line on her forehead.

We have spent all day in our cage, thanks to Momma1 being sick. Momma2 is afraid we will get sick if we get too close to her. BUT, Momma2 told us that she bought us some new towels... THEN she told us that the towels are going to replace our litter. I am a little worried about this! What will happen to us without our litter? Momma2 read that we may get the red tears and noses from allergies to our litter (even though we get the good CareFresh litter that the Vet told us to use).

ooooooh! Momma2 just told us that we get to have to towels in our cage instead of the litter and then every couple of days she changes to a new towel and washes the old one! THAT makes more sense.

Mommas keep saying we are going to move again. Last time we were in our small cage (MUCH too small for the two of us, thank you!) and we were still in it until they got the Hamster (Tweets) and then SHE got our first cage and we got an aquarium. The aquarium is still too small, but they are working on a 20-50 gallon one for us when we move.

What is this? Momma2 has been looking at a LOT of rat sites. I hope she isn't planning to add more of us into this house! One brother is enough right now, thank you, momma2.

I have to go bite my brother some more now!

Angel Juan
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LiveJournal for bedlam rats.

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You're looking at the latest 10 entries.