Bedlam Rats are Bonnie

We are a rats...you expect LESS than greatness?

bedlam rats
1 March
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Ratties are Bruxing Balls of Love!

The first Bedlam Rats were Angel Juan (d. October 22, 2004)

and Raphael

Then we added the BonnieGoths: Wynter

and Talyn (Who REFUSES to be photographed).

Then we added the BeBops: Jet Black

and Einstein (Ein)

Our home is overflowing with love.

Then, we added a special little girl to our mix (She's housed alone until we can get her a female companion) named Ophelia:

Who had a lovely bunch of babies! (Born October 27, 2004)
(Their birthday ticker is below!)

The humans in the house are:

Momma1 (Kim)

Momma2 (Nori)

OOHP: who looks like harry potter!

Our other friends:

the cats: Witchy (Bitchy), Cherokee (Kee), Samantha (Manfa) and Mittens (who is called "Timmons" for some reason!)

the kittens: Indy (India), Egy (Egypt) and Crash (Persia d. of a long illness Sept. 10, 2004). There used to be one named Pan (Japan), but he lives with Momma2's momma and daddy.

the Hamster: Tweetie Sweet Pea (who momma2 insists on calling "our little hammy girl" or "sweeeeeeeetie!")

the fish: Angel says, "We never see the fish. We know nothing of them... at all. I think we may have caught a glimpse of them ONCE, but we weren't really all that interested. All they do is float around in that gross disgusting WATER all day!"